9/11 Vs Present Day Essay

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The terror attacks on 9/11 were one of the most monumental yet tragic moments in American history, so we will always remember and honor the lives stolen from us. However, we are so quick to forget the quiet before the storm, the day before the chaos. This is notably discerned when regarding schools and its issues through TIME Magazine and the New York Times. While researching, one understands that there are several similarities between society then and present day. However, the reactions afterwards are even further impactful because one realizes the enormous degree of influence that 9/11 had on schools and their communities. To begin, much of the average student’s life included their sense of expression, and with this desire of individuality,…show more content…
Stephanie Strom, writer for the New York Times, announces that “Ms. Switzer was determined to make an opportunity, as she calls it, out of the philanthropy that rose from the ashes that blanketed the school.” Anna Switzer, the public school’s principal, created a program called Project Giveback that educates children that they are strong enough to help others now that they have been aided themselves. The students would send stuffed animals to hospitals, write letters to their helpers in other states, and help raise money for different organizations. This initially limited effort that came out of a principal and her students demonstrates America can prevail through one of its worst moments in history through the help of one another. In conclusion, 9/11 had extreme and extensive effects on schools and school communities. Even though most of the aftermath was negative and painful, American society came together to support one another out of it as well. On the other side, the life before that day was particularly regular for most of society. There are numerous parallels between the time then and the time now, such as the example of the dress-code issue, and this observation is humbling yet eerie, for any moment a disaster could strike
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