How Did 9/11 Affect Us

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Before the terrible event of 9/11 many United States citizens could agree that they felt generally safe living in the U.S. People could live their lives and not worry about an attack against them or their love ones. Everyone was friendly and opened to each other because there was no fear. But, unfortunately the views of everyday living have changed as a result of the attacks on the United States. The continued threat of terrorism has affected the lives of Americans in negative ways. 9/11 has made a big impact and has effected U.S citizens for many reasons. After 9/11 the U.S saw a birth of fear in all of its citizens. It caused everyone to become fearful of the future because nobody knew what was coming next. As a result, many citizens prefer to travel less because the fear of hijackers. Even though it can be cheaper to travel by plane most prefer to spend more money driving than risking getting on a plan that might be hijacked. In the fear of another attack the U.S government made airplane checkpoints more secure and created laws that gave the government the right to profile anyone. Having the government implement laws makes everyone feel safer to a certain degree. This is because the harsher laws against the terrorist, the more your personal life is…show more content…
The continued threat of a terrorist attack has effected the citizen’s way they live everyday life. The aftermath of 9/11 has caused many citizens to become fearful. It also caused many to be more aware and cautioned of their surroundings to be prepare for any situation. But, it also caused many Americans to become very stereotypical and discriminate, which effected many citizens that are Muslim and Middle Eastern descent. The attack on the U.S also damage the economy and also changed many laws to protect the nation. September 11 will never be forgotten because it changed the U.S physically, emotionally and also
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