How Did 9/11 Attacks Affect Society

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9/11 Attacks Impacts Throughout Times On September 11, 2001, Arab terrorists crashed into the World Trade Center, killing hundreds of Americans and causing widespread panic in the U.S. The 9/11 incident has dramatically altered the course of society through its integrity and stability with a haze of everlasting paranoia of Middle Easterners and the oncourse of foreign policies. Such haze has conjured an ensemble of unity within international politics. Ever since 9/11, xenophobia against the Middle Eastern community has persisted and stirred among the U.S. in various forms. For example, Edward Danticut talks about how his uncle was arrested when he tried to escape the Haiti conflict which led to his death. From this, the fear of foreigners has risen to the point where irrational and unwanted actions occur that result in dire consequences for the victims of…show more content…
During his presidency and after the attacks of 9/11, Bush declared war on terrorism in the form of global containment to a global threat. (Bergen L. Peter, “September 11 Attacks). With this action, Bush has effectively created a political platform and government focus that continues and will continue today on wiping out terrorism, more specifically terrorism in the Middle East. This also pressures other foreign nations as a moral obligation to help the U.S. contain such a threat. Another aspect of war that was influenced is the war readiness being a factor in creating war (Ehrenreich, 598). This is significant due to the actions that the government has taken in the name of “military intervention” so as to deter nations from building up to war or a war crisis in the Middle East. WIth that, terrorism is now an excuse to go and continue building up nation 's’ military to counter criminal acts and to deter further weaponry buildup in terrorist areas. As one can see, 9/11 has impacted war in terms of politics, western presence, and military

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