How Did Aaron Burr Impact Society

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A political figure is someone who has made an impact on our country in a way that no other political figure has. Each political figure is unique in their own way. That may include ending a war, starting a war, influencing the people of our country or just leaving their mark in the political world. Aaron Burr is one of our former political figures of this country. Aaron Burr definitely impacted this country in his own way. On the day of February 6, 1756 in Newark, New Jersey a baby boy by the name of Aaron Burr was born. He was the second child of Reverend Aaron Burr, Sr. who was also know as the second president of the College of New Jersey which later on was known as Princeton University. HIs mother, Esther Edwards Burr, was the daughter of Jonathan Edwards, who was a philosopher and theologian. Aaron Burr had an older sister named Sarah who was two years older than him. Sarah was also known as “Sally.” When Aaron Burr was six months old he became very ill and doctors were afraid that he would not live till morning. Esther had faith that he would live till morning and to the doctors surprise, he did live to see the next day. After a…show more content…
In June of the same year, he had been considered for an appointment under the new government. Aaron Burr did not wish for office, but he was nominated for the State Assembly for New York City. In April 1784, he was elected. Aaron Burr practically unwillingly, began on his political career. Burr was determined to be a lawyer not a politician. On February 14, he was put in a joint committee to revise the laws of the state. Burr came up with a bill entitled “An Act Incorporating the Several Tradesmen and Mechanics of the City and County of New York” that was up for vote. His motion was defeated and the bill passed. A bill had been introduced in the Assembly, claiming to free all those who were born after bondage. Burr moved to amend it and once again his motion met with defeat
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