How Did Aaron Douglass Contribute To The New Negro Movement

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Aaron Douglas

The 1920s and 30s was a very important time period for African Americans. This was a period of enlightenment, opening up many new doors for talented African American musicians, poets, and artists. There were many artists during this time, but Aaron Douglas was special because not only did he incorporate African art in this work, his work was very inspirational to people of all cultures. His work was a wonderful example of the New Negro movement. He responded to the need for African American writers, artists, and intellectuals to embrace their cultural heritage and define their own collective personhood through the arts. Also known as the father of African American art, Aaron Douglass played one of the leading roles in the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s. (Earle, Susan 2007) Aaron Douglas was born Topeka, Kansas in 1898 to Aaron & Elizabeth Douglas. As a child growing up he always expressed a love for art. His mom, Elizabeth Douglass used to draw and paint using watercolors, and this is what was believed to have played a part in his love for art. Elizabeth worked for the Malvane family in Topeka, which founded the Malvane Museum of …show more content…

Douglas's images depicted the lives and struggles of African Americans, and his artistic style fused his interests in modernism and African Art. " Douglas was heavily influenced by the African culture he painted for. His natural talent plus his newly acquired inspiration allowed Douglas to be considered the "Father of African American arts." That title led him to say, (Kirschke)" Do not call me the Father of African American Arts, for I am just a son of Africa, and paint for what inspires

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