How Did Abigail Adams Influence On History

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Many people are remembered for their influence on history. Looking through the history books you can find an endless list of names that have brought our nation to where it is now. George Washington was the first to lead the nation. Henry Ford revolutionized the factory and helped turn the nation mobile. However, those who worked in the shadows are often not as prominent in the minds of individuals. Although they still helped shape history, it is their lack of direct action that kept them from standing out. Abigail Adams is one of those people. By working in the shadows of her husband, Abigail Adams helped shape the course of history. Adams was born on November 22, 1744 as Abigail Smith. Her and her three sisters grew up in a small village in Massachusetts. The village of Weymouth was the first community settled in the Bay Colony. She was the second to be born among her three sisters and single brother. All of the Adams children were taught to read and…show more content…
Political parties took hold rapidly within the United States. John Adams represented the Federalist Party while Jefferson was the leader of the Republican Party. During the campaign, his wife stayed by his side and helped him as his party, “was derided as pro-British monarchical.” It was after a close count of 71 to 68 that Adams was named President of the United States. Due to her husband’s job, Abigail Adams had the opportunity to travel to London and Paris. Throughout John Adams’s career, his wife became a diplomatic influence. She often traveled with him on diplomatic journeys to Europe and around the United States. He often referred to her as his chief adviser. However, she was more influential at home. She became well-known among the American people. She once noted while passing a crowd, “Wherever I passed, I received a marked notice of bows…in short we are now wonderfully
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