How Did Abigail Williams Believe In The Crucible

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In 1692 the salem witch trials began in Massachusetts over 200 people were accused of witchcraft, Witchcraft is also known as talking with the devil. In the play the crucible is taken place in massachusetts bay colony, it's a very small town that is a christian village. Everyone that lived there believed in whatever god said and wants them to do is how they shall live, so god does not believe in witchcraft he believes that any person conflicting with the devil shall be hung. In the play The crucible a young girl named Abigail Williams started off to be a smart respectful young girl, also a hard worker for John and Elizabeth Proctor they hired her to have some extra help around there home. But it ended up to be that John and Abigail got a little friendly and john committed adultery with abigail and cheated on Elizabeth during that Abigail became very attached to John and said she loved him and wanted to keep seeing him, John realized what happened and tried to get Abigail to forget about what happened and about him, Elizabeth got suspicious and fired her because of her always around John, Abigail didn’t really like Elizabeth because she kept John away from her.…show more content…
Later on in that morning the youngest girls Betty witch is Abigail's little sister and a couple others went into a coma, and wouldn't come out so people blamed it on the devil because people already found out about the dancing from parris. He told a bunch of people, after a while it was blamed on witchcraft and that there must be witches in there village and abigail started saying she saw the devil and she saw people with him and she started accusing people of witchcraft and of course she blamed elizabeth and many others of witchcraft and so that caused some big
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