How Did Abigail Williams Obtain Power In The Crucible

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In the play “The Crucible,” written by Arthur Miller, obtaining power was an important aspect in Salem. A great deal of characters in the play sought-after power, whether it be over their lives, the people, Salem, and the events happening on the play. One particular character in the play, Abigail Williams, made many decisions after acquiring power over the town. Women in Salem did not have a lot of power. In fact, all that is needed from them is to bear children and serve their husbands. Abigail was just like any other single seventeen-year-old girl in Salem. If a woman was not married, they were allowed to work as a maid. Though many girls were content with this, Abigail was not. She made the mistake of falling in love with John Proctor, who had committed the crime of lechery. Abigail is not a good character because she wanted John Proctor and she did all that she can to make him love her again. Abigail had little power in the Salem community, being a young girl and single. She found herself falling in love with John Proctor. She wanted Elizabeth, who was Proctor’s wife, out of…show more content…
They believed in God, and much more, The Devil. They believed that the Devil had entered Salem and that caused fear. They were afraid and needed something or someone to explain what was happening. Fear can do many things and one of them is to believe anything so that an answer can be found. The witch trials started when Abigail and the girls started accusing the other women in Salem, Sarah Good, Rebecca Nurse, and Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail’s main goal was to have Elizabeth dead at her feet. She was so drunk from the power she acquired and her love for John, that she didn’t think her plans through. One by one, the people accused were sentenced to hang. Due to her mistakes, even her beloved John Proctor was now sentenced to be hanged. Regretting all that she did, Abigail stole money from her uncle, Paris, and ran away from
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