How Did Abigail Williams Occur In The Crucible

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The 17th century was an eerie period for the small village of Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, especially for the common villagers. The Puritans were a strict group of voyageurs who traveled from England to escape the persecution of their religious beliefs. Ironically enough, the Puritans had been hostile to individuals who didn’t believe in their beliefs, such as Christians. Relative to how they lived, the Puritans of Salem have restricted any type of enjoyment. A vacation for them merely meant that they had to concentrate more on their prayer. The Puritans worked hard to survive the harsh conditions of New England’s nature. For them, work beats the prayer. Although the Puritans were hard workers, they also believed that the forest that surrounded …show more content…

Abigail was able to influence the people around her which allowed her to be saved from death and she put the lives of other innocent civilians at risk. After the word traveled around how Reverend Parris’ had caught her niece, Abigail Williams, and daughter, Betty Parris, doing something along the lines of witchcraft and Abigail explained part of what had happened. Abigail had said that she admits to dancing in the woods with her friends while Tituba sang her Barbados songs and she also said that Tituba tried to conjure a spirit. As a result, she had blamed someone for her actions and began the witchcraft hysteria because she withheld information. Next, the character that is portrayed as manipulative and self-preserved, Abigail, knew that her omission wouldn’t save her for long which was why she threatened her friends that were with her that night. Abigail had stated that she would do awful deeds to them at night that’ll make them regret ever crossing her if they were ever to breathe a word about what happened that night in the woods. This then results to the witchcraft hysteria because had her friends said something only people who did actually do witchcraft that night would be dealt with. Lastly, while the act comes to an end Tituba ended “confessing” to her sins. For this reason, Abigail decided to announce to the court that she too …show more content…

Parris had always been paranoid, wanted things under his control, and felt like he was being persecuted everywhere he went. The spiteful reverend had discovered his daughter, Betty Parris, and his niece, Abigail Williams, dancing in the woods and saw some explicit scenes which he knew could cause his position in town. He had made a mistake when he called over Reverend Hale, a specialist in supernatural, and that was when the whole town started to become hysteric. Thus, if he hadn’t called Reverend Hale. In addition, Parris was described as someone who was evil and didn’t like children. He had also said that he’d whip Tituba to death if she didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear. It was because Reverend Parris pressured and threatened Tituba to talk about her conversation with the Devil that caused the chaotic witchcraft situation. Furthermore, the Reverend was very protective of his reputation and always wanted more out of the citizens of Salem. He had explained to Abigail that he needed to know what she and the other girls did in the woods since whatever happened could be used against him and tarnish his reputation. This led to the witchcraft hysteria because he was obsessing of what people would say and took everything out of proportion. However, Abigail can still be seen as the most responsible for the witchcraft hysteria.

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