How Did Abraham Lincoln Abuse His Power

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Many people believe that Abraham Lincoln abused his power. Some may say there was even a “dark side” to President Lincoln. He suspended the Habeas Corpus act during the civil war, which means “you have the body” the body being the prisoner. It protected the prisoner from being unjustly imprisoned. Any prisoner that felt his rights were being violated could stand before a judge and fight for his rights. He removed this right in Baltimore then New York and finally the entire union. President Lincoln stated that he removed the right to preserve the union. He actually preserved more power for himself. This removed an immense part from not only the United States legislative branch but also the judicial branch. It was on September 1862, that the first proclamation to…show more content…
Lincoln tried to rationalize the emancipation of slaves, which at that time was viewed as unconstitutional, by endorsing The Declaration of Independance. The declaration declares that “all men are created equal.” but the Constitution is very selective in who they consider to be equal. The Gettysburg Address was used to let the American people know where Lincoln stood on the issue of slavery, which to this day still remains one of the most known speeches in American history. It implied that all men are created equal, but at that time it was quite the opposite. The United States Constitution was Devoted to the fact that only white males were created equal. Lincoln strongly believed in the Declaration of Independance. President Lincoln found a loophole which would allow him to rationalize the freedom of slaves. Lincoln found this loophole in the Declaration of Independance. In it there is a statement that says “all men are created equal”. The Constitution gave Lincoln no right to do this but the Declaration of Independence did. In Lincoln’s second inaugural address he does not mention the Constitution, he
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