How Did Abraham Lincoln Change The World

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Living a life of struggle and depression did not stop Abraham Lincoln. Leading paths in many different directions has made Abraham a strong man internally. Changing the world one career at a time was a path Lincoln chose to take. His great accomplishments showed the world what hard work and confidence looks like.

Abraham Lincoln “Honest Abe”, born in a log cabin in the heart of Hodgenville, Kentucky in the year 1809. His father, Thomas, was a hard working pioneer with an average level of prosperity and well known in the area for what he does. As about nine years pass, Abraham’s mother, Nancy, died from a sickness at the age of thirty-four. This led to a long period of devastation for Abraham that he declined any work his father asked him to do. His father then got married again to a Kentucky widow which Abraham shockingly connected with quickly. She taught Abraham how to read which no one has ever done for him before. He then grew out of his childhood and entered into manhood receiving his normal education. Reading was a lifestyle Abraham maintained. Neighbors of
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Since Abraham’s knowledge on slavery was very strong, he joined the Republican Party two years later. A year later, the Supreme Court supplied decisions made from Scott v. Sanford, announcing African Americans were not real citizens and hadn’t any rights given to them. Abraham had the strong feeling that African Americans weren’t as equal to whites, he also had the feeling that the founders stated that all men were put on this earth with specific rights. Lincoln being as confident as he is, took on U.S. Senator Stephen Douglas to take his spot in office. Six years passed and Illinois had organized a campaign to help Abraham Lincoln win the presidency. Passing up William Seward and Salmon P. Chase in the Republican National Convention in Chicago on May
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