How Did Abraham Lincoln Get Into Politics

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Abraham Lincoln was always into politics. When he was young, he worried about the nations ' problems. When he entered politics when there was two major parties the Whigs and Democrats. The Democrats usually ruled the Congress, presidency, and many state offices. The Whig party, on the other hand, had championed banks, businesses, and corporations. They believed in a strong federal government and limited state rights. The Whig party was not antislavery party. Abraham chose the Whig in his sentence, "I am always a Whig in politics." He had served in the Illinois state legislature since his first successful election in 1834. He was in a tough campaign for Congress. His opponent was Democrat Peter Cartwright. Cartwright was a Methodist preacher,…show more content…
Lincoln told Meade to not let the enemy escape. Meade let the enemy slip away to safety. There were 32,000 Confederate and 23,000 Union deaths in the battle of Gettysburg. Abraham was angry, but he knew he was expecting too much from the old general. General Meade fired go and Abe hired Ulysses S. Grant for General. Grant led the Union into a string of battles. They won them and took over Vicksburg. Abraham gave his famous speech on the battle of Gettysburg on November 19,1863. It was a two hour long speech. He shared his thoughts on the war and the Union soldiers, dead and alive. The Confederate attacked a Washington fort and the president with the first lady watched. It was the end of Abe 's term and he was running for another. His opponent was one of his old generals Democrat George McClellan. One hour before his reelection, he looked in the mirror and saw a two different images of himself. One five shades paler than the other. He told his wife about it and she saw a sign of he was going to be elected going to see life in his last term. When he got reelected, he got tons of death threats. The war was ended. The confederate surrendered. They had no food and were surrounded by the Union. Robert E. Lee agreed and signed a paper that the Confederate would surrender. Abe got a telegraph from Grant saying that Lee surrendered. President Lincoln waved his hands in the air in happiness
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