How Did Abraham Lincoln Impact America

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Most of all presidents have done good for our country. They took on the role of being a leader, and making major decisions to help the United States of America grow. Abraham Lincoln was one of those presidents. He was able to end the American civil war, and stop slavery for good. Abhraham Lincoln is the president whom impacted America the most and was the strongest. The first president of our country was George Washington, and although he was an impeccable leader, not the best when set side to Abraham Lincoln. Few individuals might say Washington was the best because he had originated the Citizen President. "He showed his tremendous leadership skills on the field of battle," (Weston 4), and also served in the French and Indian war, however he still does not compare to Lincoln. One of the major problems in America during the time Abraham Lincoln was president, was the civil war. It tore America apart, but thanks…show more content…
This was just one of his strategies to bring America back together, and showed even more of his strong leadership skills. "One of the little known leadership styles that Lincoln used to his advantage...was his appointment of talented national figures from opposing parties to be part of his cabinet," (Stone 4). He had members from the loyal opposition inform him of the issues on each side. This strategie is what made him one of the best presidents, as he was mature, and did not let his personal views make him one-sided. Without a doubt, Abraham Lincolns best known contribution was the erosion of slavery. "Lincoln made a stand against the popular opinion of the time, a decision that would divide the nation," (Stone 5). In america at the time, slavery was very popular, and 2 sides had different stances on it. Thus, the Emancipation Proclamation was issues, and set free many innocent people from anymore trading and
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