How Did Abraham Lincoln Influence People

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Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky, to parents Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Lincoln moved with his family to Indiana in 1817 due to hard times. Abraham was 9 years old when on the 5th of October, 1818, his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln died of tretmol, milk sickness. In December of 1819 his father remarried to Sarah Bush Johnston, a widow with three children. Abe quickly formed a close attachment to his stepmother. Lincoln set out on his own at 22 years old and worked in manual labor, shopkeeping, as a postmaster, and then started his own general store. It was around then when Lincoln began telling his vivid, life-like stories to the locals. When the Black Hawk War began in 1832 , as a result of fighting between the Untied States and some Native
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Lincoln overcame these obstacles by not giving up. He also overcame them by not letting anything get him down. Abraham Lincoln overcame many huge obstacles to become one of America’s greatest presidents.
Abraham Lincoln has influenced many people. One of the ways he has influenced people by coming from a log cabin to the presidency with little to no education. Another way is that he may have gotten beaten by Stephen Douglas in the Senate election, but he got back up and beat Douglas in the presidental election. Also, he helped end one of the evilest idealogies, slavery. Abraham Lincoln influenced many people in the things he said and did.
The time period that Abraham Lincoln lived in influenced him greatly. Most people that lived in the 1800s didn’t receive a proper education or an education at all. Also people were in need of lawyers since politics were becoming part of the average American’s life. More and more people were giving farming to work in the larger cities also. This is how the time period Abrahma Lincoln lived in affected
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