Abraham Lincoln's Overcoming The Slave System

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Question: How Abraham Lincoln was able to overcome the slave system, at what price he was given this achievement and what role it played in American and world history? Thesis: Lincoln believed, that slavery is an evil, unavoidable in the South of the country's existing economic conditions. The question of slavery he referred to the competence of the state and believed that the government has no constitutional right to interfere in this area.. Achieving price was given to Lincoln Civil War. It once and for all put an end to the system of slavery in America. But at the same time gave rise to many problems: interracial conflicts and inability to yesterday's slaves and their owners to live in the same area. Introduction A. At the beginning of the second half of the XIX century from 19-million population of America, as many as four million were slaves. At this time, in 1860, the 16th president becomes a national hero and liberator of America American slaves Abraham Lincoln. With his coming to power of the era of change. At this time, the…show more content…
Preparing for the abolition of the implemented throughout 1862. December 30, 1862, the president signed "Emancipation Proclamation", announced blacks living in the territories in rebellion against the United States, "now and forever" free. The document gave impetus to the adoption of Amendment XIII (1865) to the US Constitution. Proclamation been rightly criticized by radical Republicans, since the emancipation of slaves was carried out where it is not distributed power of the federal government, but it has changed the nature of the Civil War, turning it into a war for the abolition of slavery. In addition, it has forced foreign countries, including the UK, do not support the Confederacy. British Prime Minister could not organize intervention because of the resistance of the public. Emancipation of slaves allowed to recruit African Americans in the army. By the end of the war in federal troops there were 180,000 blacks (Hanchett
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