How Did Abraham Lincoln's Struggle For Change

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Struggle for Change Abraham Lincoln wanted for slavery to be ended because he found it unfair to the African Americans who were imprisoned. He wanted for Congress to pass the thirteenth amendment for the abolishment of slavery. Lincoln made sure that Congress and the southern states understood that he wouldn’t give up until he got what he wanted, slavery to be abolished. Getting slavery abolished was a difficult task for many reasons. Abraham Lincoln wanted to end slavery, but it was a problem among many to resolve during the Civil War (Blair 1754). Because of the civil war it made getting slavery abolished one of the most difficult things for Abraham Lincoln to get done in his presidency. Lincoln stated that slavery has been a historical and political circumstance that ultimately needs to become…show more content…
Lincoln was confident about his beliefs of the end of slavery especially when he had wrote out a letter to an author but he never sent it. The letter Lincoln never sent stated that Americans traveling thousands of miles only to capture and bring home the African Americans just to make them slaves is brought upon us by the black race (Danoff 49). Lincoln was furious with the author’s statement and retaliated back with sarcasm. After many states had reestablished their state governments or prepared to they were creating state constitutions that abolished slavery (Brands 3). Life was unfair for African Americans, especially those who were free. Mary Stewart was killed, by a man who was later appointed to the Grand Jury (Blair 1764). For this reason is one of many why Lincoln wanted Congress to help end slavery once and for all (Brands 3). Lincoln struggled with getting slavery abolished and he grew tired and he began to show his age from it all. He even proved his determination of abolishing slavery when he would only consider peace with the southern states if slavery would be abolished (Blair 1758). When Lincoln would give speeches he
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