How Did Adam Lanza Commit Violent Crimes

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What are the reasons that led Adam Lanza to commit such a violent crime against such innocent children? Criminologists till this day don’t understand fully why Lanza would do this but they have their theories. The causes of criminality are divided into four schools: the Classical, Biological, Psychological, and the Sociological (Schmalleger, 2015). In the classical school it says that people have a free will, and they chose to commit crimes. Adam Lanza chose to commit this crime. The biological school says that people deviate from the social norms because of their biological make up. When Adam was 14, Yale clinicians stated that Adam had a biological disorder, he had emotional disabilities but Adam refused to take medication for it so his mother rejected the treatment. In the psychological school, Sigmund Freud stated that criminal behavior is caused by mental illnesses. Adam Lanza had mental illnesses. When Adam was 13 he was diagnosed with Autism which causes delays in many developmental basic skills. Adam also had anxiety, seizures, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression and suicidal…show more content…
Even when he was diagnosed and advised to take a certain medication, because Adam didn’t want to take it the mother refused the treatment. The mother did not put enough authority in Adams life and let him do his own thing although she knew something was wrong. Nancy mentioned to friends about Adam, but she never reported it to psychologists or to people that would be able to help Adam. The mother being a gun enthusiastic knew there was something wrong with his son that he was mentally ill and she had guns that were easily accessible to him. The constant change of schools because Adam was being bullied, did not solve the problem either. It was his illnesses, the easy access to guns at home, and everything he experienced throughout his life that led him to commit this horrendous
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