How Did Adolf Hitler Change In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the book To Kill a Mockingbird the main character, a young girl that goes by the name of Scout, goes on adventures of understanding how the world works. As the book progresses she has to shift her perspective on the way the things operate. She becomes aware of problems such as: poverty, the justice system and racism. Racism is very present in her town, some people try go as far as to take a black person 's life for something as simple as their appearance. In Nazi Germany their dictator named Adolf Hitler had similar beliefs towards the Jewish people. He wanted to kill them off simply for the fact that their Jewish. Hitler led something called the Nazi party. The Nazi’s were essentially Hitler’s puppets, they obeyed his every command. The Nazi’s believed that if you were petiet and had fair skin then you were superior. This just so happened to be the stereotypical features for Jewish people. The Nazi’s also blamed the Jewish people for their loss of WW1. They believed that people shared something called a race-soul. It…show more content…
They were discriminated against, blamed for the war and on top of that millions of innocent people were killed off. They were forced to live in concentration camps. No law or money could help them, they were all alone. Hitler’s views were brought in an early age. The Jewish people to him were just pawns on a chessboard. He moved them and he made them weak, he destroyed the integrity of the Jewish community without the blink of an eye. In the book To Kill a Mockingbird the black people in the town were discriminated against. They were sought after and they constantly were looking over their shoulders. The people of Maycomb, without even realizing it, were behaving like Hitler. Both Jewish people and Black people have had some very hard and dangerous times in history. In our current society this is not present and I am positive that everyone is glad that this monstrosity had
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