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By the time of World War II, Hitler have already secured most of the Europe land and all these started with the destruction of the Treaty of Versailles(TOV). He broke off these chains that held him back by leaving the League of Nations. After that, he started to get ready his army and armory required for him to invade his desired countries through the Anglo-German Naval Agreement in 1935, which allowed Germany’s Kriegsmarine total tonnage to be 35% of the Royal Navy’s tonnage, and by remilitarising in the Rhineland in 1936, disregarding the restriction of army forces as stated in the TOV. He demanded the annexation of Austria under the Anschluss claim and Czechoslovakia under the Munich agreement in 1938. Additionally, Hitler
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Soon, all the unforeseen circumstances such as the early winter and slow advances began to irritate him as he have been victorious in so many situations already. As a result, the German forces were not only affected by the physical conditions, they also began to crumble from the inside as well. According to Source F, the Axis powers who were alliances with Hitler, were unable to negotiate for reinforcements from them, whereas the Soviets received their reinforcements from the East, past Moscow, where the Germans have not conquered yet. As the city of Moscow is at the heart of the city and is considered to be an important city to the Germans, many German generals blamed Hitler for putting the capture of economic resources in the South as a priority over the taking over of Moscow as shown in Source B. Also according to Source B, Hitler later blamed Mussolini from Italy for forcing him to send forces to the Mediterranean instead of starting Operation Barbarossa in May, which would have prevented the German forces from meeting the unfavourable weather conditions. This is also a result of his overconfidence, instead of blaming himself for going to the Mediterranean, he blamed his allies and got blamed by the generals under him. This internal destruction would lead Hitler’s failure to take over the Soviet

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