How Did The Treaty Of Versailles Cause Adolf Hitler Rise To Power

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Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi party, rose to power for many reasons. The economical, social, and political standpoints in Germany at the time were a disaster. He promised German people he would bring back the pride in their the country. After World War I the economic situation was abhorrent. The war damaged the economy, and had gone into hyperinflation, which wiped out citizens savings quickly. The long term hatred and deep anger about World War I and the Treaty of Versailles created an underlying bitterness, which made him get more supporters. Another main factor was his influential way of speaking. One way Germany got popular with the crowd was because of Hitler’s speaking ability and most importantly,…show more content…
Due to his way of always including the crowd with what he was saying, it went off as he had a strong personality, which is why they were supported by a great number of people. The Great depression played a major role in their votes due to the shortage of jobs, which soon resulted in a desperate need in a change of government. Adolf Hitler was powerful man and promised the German people a change in the way they saw things. My utopian society relates in the way that we both want change, but in different ways. Due to World War I and The Treaty of Versailles creating a desperate need in change, his charminsitic way of speaking, and depression Hitler gained control and was soon to reach his goal. The Treaty of Versailles is one of the main reasons Hitler rose to power. It saw Germany face territorial losses, reparations of the damaged, which were caused by the war, and is known to be the blame for starting World War I. It provided a rich material for Hitler to use to gain support of the people. The treaty also triggered a process where the
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