How Did Adolf Hitler's Influence On Youth

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Hitler was orphaned at a young age, rejected by others, left to take care of himself on the streets, and taught to persecute the Jews. Influences in his early life, good and bad, helped shape Adolf Hitler from the young artist to the cruel adolescent who became the dictator we all know today. Adolf Hitler was a mostly average kid growing up, but events in his life molded him. He started off as a mainly normal kid with normal problems. He started his life looking up to priests and aspired to become one later in life when he could. This remained for most of his youth childhood. Adolf Hitler, son of Aloise Hitler, was born on the April of 1889 the 20th. He was born in an Inn in a River Bank separating Germany and Austria. He lived in a small…show more content…
He made the final effort to be admitted to the Vienna Art Academy, but was utterly rejected. When his only friend, Kubizek, was admitted to a different Arts Academy in Vienna, Hitler left their apartment that they shared and they never talked again because Hitler left no information for Kubizek to find him. (“Hitler is Homeless in Vienna”) Some would even say “In the Autumn of 1909, Hitler drifted downwards until he hit the rock bottom.” (Robin Cross 19) Hitler could have avoided this completely because of his father’s status as a civil service worker, and could have easily gotten a job, but he continued on his quest to be an artist. This did not work out, and he didn’t have any money at all. He joined a group of homeless people in Vienna who were fed by a Jewish family who also helped sell the post cards that Hitler made. (“Hitler is Homeless in Vienna”) While being homeless in Vienna, he had so many angers and needed to blame those on something, so since anti- Semitism was so popular in the area that he lived in, he adopted this to. He and many of the homeless would go to meetings discussing their hate and blame the Jews for all social, political, and economic issues. (“Hitler is Homeless in
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