How Did African American Culture Affect Today

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African Americans are cultural people. There was only one problem with that. They were very skilled in planting crops so settlers from the Carolinas wanted them to work on their plantations. This is unfortunate for the Africans because this meant trouble. The settlers went and forced Africans to come back to the Carolinas to work on plantations. More and more Africans were forced to work. They had officially become slaves for the settlers. The slaves were then taken there by a boat. The slaves were put in the bottom part of the boat for the ride. It was an unpleasant ride with harsh conditions. There were storms that caused water to leak through the cracks,but the slaves still had to stay down there. Some of the slaves died on the way there because of the horrible conditions. The slaves knew a lot about growing crops. This is why the settlers forced them to work on plantations. The settlers had little to no experience in growing crops like rice. The slaves taught the settlers how to grow rice successfully. This crop was a cash crop known as the “Carolina gold”. It helped the Carolina's economy…show more content…
This knowledge led to success in trade between Barbados and England. Since they came our economy and culture have been affected tremendously. Our economy and culture is still being affected by the culture of African Americans today.Slaves have helped the Carolinas so much since their arrival. Without the Africans we wouldn’t be where we are right now. Their culture has helped us in more than just this part of history,it has helped us in war such as the American revolution. The arrival of slaves has changed the course of history over time. Although they were treated poorly they have caused a big change. These African Americans were treated poorly and turned into slaves. This is all because they were cultural and knew how to plant and grow crops very
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