How Did African Americans Treated Cruel

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African Americans were treated very cruel as slaves during the 1800’s. The cruelty of the slaves’ punishments depended usually on their location, the conditions, and the time. The Slaves were mostly whipped, executed, and raped. They weren’t allowed to learn to read and write. The whites kept them from having religious gatherings, and made them feel useless without their owners. However, the African Americans received the same or about equal medical care, because they were property and the owners did not want to lose the value of them.Boundless One cruel way the African Americans were treated was how they were punished. Slaves were punished for not obeying commands, trying to escape, and if they upset their masters for almost anything. The owners will also just beat their slaves just to show their dominance over the slaves. Some things that the slave owners did to them was whipped, shackled, and also imprisonment.Boundless Some plantation owners would put collars with spikes coming out of it and metal masks on African American slaves as a punishment for defying the owner’s wishes.(Moore A,) Sometimes, the plantation owners would just punish their slave to show their dominance over them.Boundless Some slave owners in Virginia were thought of for smoking slaves. They would tie them up in a smokehouse, and light tobacco stems…show more content…
White men would rape African American women and sometimes white women. Slave women would sometimes resist and they would be most likely killed for resisting it. After a while, there were offspring that were half black and half white. Virginia passed a law stating that if the mom is a slave, then the child is a slave no matter what race the dad is and his social status. The south strongly prohibited white female and black male interactions.(Boundless) If a male slave is accused of rape, they would often casterate the slave. If the slave did commit rape, they would be killed.(Moore
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