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There were many reasons for aggression and atrocity of totalitarian regimes which set the stage for the involvement of America in World War II. The great depression, the stock market crash, the deep sense of betrayals, Japans invasion of China, Nanjing massacre, among many other events all lead up to World War II. All the buildup aggression can only lead to disaster and that is exactly what it lead to. Though many believe that it was the war that got us out of the great depression, it still contained a lot of negative long-lasting effects that might still be seen today. In 1931 Imperial Japan seized Manchuria and four years later they withdrew from the league of nations. Japans invasion of China lead to the Nanjing Massacre, which lasted from December 1937 to January 1938, and if you look at the picture in document a you can see the skeletons of those that died in the Nanjing museum in China (Doc A). Hearing about the invasion…show more content…
In his letter President Roosevelt address that present negotiations still stand open and urges Hitler to agree and be recognized as an 'outstanding historic service to all humanity', but in Hitler's reply he states that he can and must refuse (Doc C, D). In Adolf Hitler's reply to the president's message on the threat of war, he emphasizes that "never in history has the confidence of a people been more shamefully betrayed, than it was then" and by stating this he made it clear that his mind is set and there is no changing it (Doc D). As time goes by the worse it gets for the Jews in Germany which is under Hitler's rule. Hitler has forbidden work and schooling for Jews leaving them without a way to provide for their families nor themselves leaving them completely vulnerable with no future. As Sir Nicholas Winton stated "they have to depend entirely on private guarantors to get into England" because no other country is taking an interest in them except Sweden (Doc

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