How Did Agrippina Influence Claudius

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Agrippina the Younger’s role during the Claudius’ principate was quite simple, she was to establish a familial connection between Claudius and both the Julian and Claudian linage. The commonalities between Claudius and Agrippina resulted in a beneficial relationship that allowed her influence to increase. By being the great granddaughter of Augustus, Agrippina held a powerful position which helped legitimise the reign of Claudius, hence she was given the title Augusta with her official name on coins and inscriptions as Iulia Augusta, which conveyed the notion of being an empress. Consequently, this enforced his position as princeps, especially persuading the senate which doubted his ascension to emperor. Because of her power and influence, Agrippina had a positive relationship with the senate which brought stability between them and Claudius, thus she was given the right to use the carpentum at festivals, as well as to sit in the senate itself and discuss various matters--…show more content…
Agrippina was the mother of Nero and stepmother to Britannicus, this meant that she had a duty to care and nurture them. When Claudius fell ill late in his reign, Agrippina used this opportunity to boost Nero’s popularity. She was also able to persuade Claudius and the senate that Nero was perfectly capable of taking over the administration of the empire when Claudius died. Agrippina had the support from some of Claudius’ freedmen, particularly Pallas, since Claudius had a large amount of trust placed upon these two individuals, they worked together and influenced Claudius, persuading him into agreeing or committing to acts that would benefit Agrippina. Overall, Agrippina played an essential role in the reign of Claudius, her Julio-Claudian linage and influence improved and stablised his principate. Claudius’ first watchword to the guards, optima mater, is a testimony to
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