How Did Al Capone Contribute To Crime

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Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1899. Al Capone was an american mobster, crime boss, and business man during the Prohibition Era. He is known as the most famous criminal from his time. (1899-1947) Al Capone’s mom and dad met in Italy before Capone was born. When his parents got married, they decided that they could find a better life in America. When they got to America with four of Al Capone’s siblings, they had no money. So, when Capone was born he was born into a poor immigrant family. Al Capone was actually was from a respectable, professional family. Nobody thought that he was going to become an American famous criminal. When Capone started school, he was one of the best students, but when he started failing and found out he had to repeat the 6th grade, he started playing hookie. Once the Prohibition law had been set, it started more crime. That’s when Al Capone became one of the biggest criminals in history. While the Prohibition law was set, Al Capone started selling illegal liquor to people who were desperate. He set up bars in the basements at night and paid the managers or whoever was closing up the shop for the night to not say anything. And if they did say anything to the police, he would threaten to kill them and their families. Capone was sent to jail because he wasn’t paying…show more content…
He was let out of jail because, he was going to Alcatraz. Capone didn’t know that this was a prison that you can’t own like the other jail he was sent to. Once he got to Alcatraz, he found the rules were very bad. One of the rules was that you could not talk to other prisoners unless you were asking for salt at a meal or a tool at work. If you did talk you would get sent to the hole. The hole is an underground cell that isolates prisoners from others. You can get sent to the hole for a long time depending on what you do. Capone was sent to the hole a lot because he talked and tried to bribe

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