Alexander The Great Selfish

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Alexander the Great Alexander III of Mutarch is a man known to be “Great,” but is that really so? Alexander was born in Macedonia, and he took charge of Macedonia at the age of 16 when his father left for an expedition. Although Alexander may have done some good deeds during his sovereignty for his people, it definitely does not outweigh the bad deeds he did to other people. Alexander received the name “Great” undeservingly because he did not exhibit examples of a good leader which should be one who is nonviolent, rational, and unselfish. Firstly, Alexander was someone who was violent which is not exhibiting nonviolence. A good leader should be nonviolent in order to be a good example for his people. Violence is not the only way to solve…show more content…
A good leader would be very rational to make sure that he is doing what is best not only for his people, but also for other people, so everyone can look up to him with respect. Diodorus had said “He was very hostile to the local people and did not trust them,”. It was very irrational of Alexander to be hostile to people who he had just destroyed their city which of course would lead them to thinking of him as untrustworthy due to his irrationality. The city of Persepolis was given to soldiers by Alexander according to Diodorus, “he gave it over to the soldiers to plunder,”. If Alexander was rational in his way, he would have found some peace with Persepolis rather than just sending his men to plunder through Persepolis as they please. Plutarch, a historian, stated that “When he came to Thebes, … the city … was sacked and razed. Alexander’s hope being that so severe an example might terrify the rest of Greece into obedience,”. This shows us an example of Alexander’s logic of how he took power which is not rational and peaceful in any way. Alexander should have tried to gain the trust of Thebes instead of terrifying them into his…show more content…
Alexander did not exhibit three characteristics of a good leader that was talked about which is that a good leader should be nonviolent, rational, and unselfish. Alexander handled the people of Persepolis violently. He was also irrational in how he handled other cities along with how he thought of other people without thinking about how his actions may have affected how other people thought of him. Alexander was not only selfish in thinking only of himself to where he caused disgust amongst his men, but he was so selfish to where he even became cruel to his friends. People may say Alexander did good things, but he lacked important characteristics a good leader needs to have to be able to rule their people well and successfully not just as a leader, but a respectable role model to look up
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