How Did Alexander Create A Hellenistic World

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Alexander’s armies linked a new Hellenistic world to many other regions. It brought people with a shared interest in religion and art together. Hellenism was spread during and after the conquests by Alexander because Alexander was a daring person who took a risk that paid off, some of which included heading towards the Persian Empire and conquering vast amounts of land. The tactics used by Alexander to conquer these lands were to use heavily armed infantries with groups of troops dispersed throughout the lands. As Alexander conquered these lands, he and his troops brought with them their culture. An example of this is Egypt, which became a model of Hellenistic culture among different races. In places like Egypt, cities emerged and gave way to any different multicultural ideas that…show more content…
These new ideas emphasized the spiritual concerns of people instead of focusing on the concerns that were going on in the towns and cities. Another way that Hellenism spread after the conquests of Alexander was because the people of power in some of the states that Alexander conquered believed that they could gain even more power if they adopted Hellenistic culture. This was true for leaders in Egypt, Syria, Judea, Rome, Carthage, and Africa. The spreading of Hellenism during and after Alexander 's conquest greatly changed the Mediterranean, and brought a very different culture to a different part of the world, which helped bring about new ideas and inventions.Judea, Rome, and Carthage all had very different reactions as Hellenistic culture spread; some embraced it with open arms and for others wanted no part of it at all. To start, Judea had very mixed views on Hellenistic culture. Some Jewish leaders took up Hellenistic culture and began to wear Greek clothing and take part in other Greek customs. Others stuck to Judaism and Jewish cultures and even started revolts against the Hellenistic
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