How Did Alexander Graham Bell Impact Society

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Our world has been shaped by the people who have come before us and made a change. All of these people have had their own force of impact, but only one hundred were voted into the top one hundred list in the Atlantic addition of “They made America”. On this list I found people I had never even heard of, but also people who truly have impacted the world we live in today. Some examples of figures who are on the list include: number one, Abraham Lincoln, number eight, Martin Luther King Jr., number fifteen, Theodore Roosevelt, number thirty-eight Susan B. Anthony, and all the way down to number one hundred, Herman Melville (Douthat 60-78). After reading this list thoroughly and understanding why each person was placed were, I believe that Alexander Graham Bell should be moved from spot number twenty-four, up to…show more content…
I believe that because of the lasting impact Bell had on society and how his invention is still used today, he should be much higher than twenty-four on this list (Douthat 64). Alexander Graham Bell’s impact on society still affects us today; being the creator of the telephone. Bell’s impact on society started from the beginning of his early career. Two years after moving to Canada with his parents, Bell created a school for deaf individuals in Boston, Massachusetts. Becoming a professor at Boston University one year later, he taught speech and vocal physiology. This is when Bell began to experiment with “transmitting several telegraph messages simultaneously over a single wire and also with various devices to help the deaf learn to speak, including a means of graphically recording sound waves,” according to Staff. It wasn’t until 1874 that Bell actually began to form the idea of the telephone. Two years later on on March 7, 1876, he was granted a patent for his idea ( The telephone changed the dynamics of the world from that point
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