How Did Alexander Hamilton Develop A Unified Government

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In the early stages of our country, Alexander Hamilton played a key role in developing a unified government which portrayed the early republican conservative values. He aspired to abolish slavery in support of human freedoms, as did many of his colleagues. However his ideas regarding the new government did not gain their full support. Hamilton was not unknown for his political theories; he was a practical man who was able to articulate his ideas into practice. Alexander Hamilton’s ideas of government were morally realistic, grounded in the belief that people prioritized themselves above all else; people are selfish. Hamilton developed radical policies regarding fiscal practices and overturned many obstacles in their development. Alexander Hamilton developed the…show more content…
This produced a rebellious response which coined the term “The Whiskey Rebellion”. The goal of taxing whiskey produced in the United States was to increase revenue to be allocated to debt removal. This was reminiscent of the current violence in France. As displayed prior to and throughout the American Revolution, citizens felt negatively towards taxation. This particular tax affected farmers more than other groups. Farmers profited from the sale of whiskey and were very hostile to the idea. Hamilton understood that extinguishing the rebellion was critical and the country needed to demonstrate control without toleration. Hamilton advocated for military force. At first Washington sent negotiators, but soon realized his words would not be efficient enough to dissolve the conflict. Washington commanded thirteen thousand militia troops that were led by Alexander Hamilton and Henry Lee to march to western Pennsylvania. The rebels fled and the uproar ended. Hamilton was pleased by the display of control and order with the exception of the tarnished reputation it left him. He now was perceived as being a dangerous
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