How Did Alexander Hamilton Influence The Formation Of Government

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The United States is possibly the greatest nation in the world, but there is no greatness without hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and much more. Many have lost their lives in order to gain freedom from Great Britain and become an independent country. The foundation of America was a very challenging thing to do, there were many factors to consider, like the Government's roles and the rights of the people. Who were the people responsible for the creation of a democratic government today? Seven people known as the founding fathers of the United States were the key to forming a powerful country and government. One of which was Alexander Hamilton, with his ideas along with the six other founding fathers, The United States became solid and strong. Alexander Hamilton played an important role in the founding of the federal government,…show more content…
When Hamilton was 16, he moved to New York and attended college. However, Hamilton's interest was not in getting an education, he wished to be in involved in politics and knowing that an American revolution is on the way, he decided to leave college and join the Patriots to fight against Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War. Hamilton was unhappy with Britain's enforced taxes and business regulations and decided to take action. The war began in 1775 and Hamilton fought in many battles and was promoted to a lieutenant colonel. He later caught the attention of George Washington and was then made his trusted assistant and advisor. Alexander Hamilton was off the battlefield for years due to Washington putting him in charge of written work, like letters or strategies to use, Hamilton grew tired of doing nothing and with Washington's permission, he was back in action. Hamilton lead a powerful blow in the battle of Yorktown against the British, this battle lead to the signing of the Treaty Of Paris and finally ended the Revolutionary War in 1783, America finally gained independence from
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