How Did Alexander Hamilton Influence Today

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Don’t Be Shocked When Your History Book Mentions Me Alexander Hamilton was the most influential figure in early American history. The significance of the other Founding Fathers are important, of course, but Hamilton had the most lasting impact. Looking around at the America we live in today, what we see is the future that Hamilton envisioned and fought for. The policies he created and his personal beliefs shaped our world. His influence on the arena of politics includes composing the majority of the Federalist Papers, leading America’s first political party, establishing the first national bank of the United States and the first tax on internal goods, and publicizing his belief in abolitionism. Hamilton’s contribution to the Federalist Papers influenced the future of the government of the United States. The Federalist Papers were a series of 85 essays that defended the newly written Constitution that resulted from the failure of the government under the Articles of Confederation. Alexander Hamilton was the principal author. He wrote 51 of the essays while his counterparts, James Madison and John Jay, wrote 29 and 5 respectively (Chernow 248). The Federalist Papers were the main driving force behind the state ratification of…show more content…
The Federalist Party was one of the first political parties in the new nation, the other being the Democratic-Republican party (also known as the Anti-Federalists). Hamilton’s political party went on to split into the Democratic and Whig parties in the 1820s. The Whig party’s early leaders were believers in Jeffersonian democracy. The idea of factionalism within politics has stretched from the administration of George Washington to the present day (“Federalist Party” 1). The entire political system of the United States would not be the same without the existence of political parties and separate schools of
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