How Did Alexander The Great Achieve Greatness

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Alexander the Great is a legend or a hero in history, but some of the information about him is separated from fact to legend. He lived in Macedonia, a kingdom in northern Greece. (Background). Alexander's Macedonian army used the phalanx battle formation, with their interlocking shields/ long spears to fight through Persia and across the Asia Minor. Along his path to greatness, he established many garrison towns, which is a town for soldiers where they protect and secure an area. (Background). Did Alexander achieve greatness? Alexander deserves to be called "the great" because he had many remarkable achievements, they showed leadership, creativity, and intelligence, and influenced culture in many different areas. Alexander the Great was a man who achieved a lot in the time he has lived. Alexander's empire stretched about 10,000 miles across from Macedonia all the way to the Indus River in India (Doc A). He did this in such little time as he started his conquest on 334 BCE and ended in 323 BCE (Doc A). The size of his empire at its greatest was…show more content…
There are many examples on how the Greek culture spread. The first example, is that the religion most directly influenced by Greek art and ritual was Buddhism in India. (Doc E) Second, is that there were about 900 years after Alexander that Greek literature and theater remained strong cultural influences in the eastern Mediterranean and Middle East. (Doc E) Finally, the last example is that the Greek language remained official in Jordan for 1,000 years (Doc E). Alexander spread culture with some help too. When he went to India, some soldiers preferred to stay behind, and those men settled in India and married local women. To this day people of the Hindu Kush, share the same Greek words, have the same music/dances, and even worship some of the same gods as the Greeks. They believe the Greeks are their first ancestors (Doc
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