How Did Alexander The Great Conquer

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Alexander the great was known as one of the greatest conquers of all time. Alexander’s fighting styles and ability to conquer was used to help conquers like him be and inspiration. Alexander had a huge job at a very young age. He conquered all of the Persian Empire and was king of Macedonia. Alexander used great fighting skills to make him the most well know conquer in the world. Alexander the great was born in 356 B.C. He was born from King Philip the second of Macedonia. Alexander grew up watching his father win battle after battle, transforming Macedonian in to a well know military power. At the age of just 12 Alexander showed his skill with horses to his father and all that were watching. He tamed a horse named Bucephalus, an out of control …show more content…

The military consisted of two different types of people, the infantry and the cavalry. The infantry soldiers were called hoplite, and were the backbone of the army. The hoplites marched on foot and wear equipped with a large wooden shield trimmed with copper, a sword, and a sixteen foot long spear. Alexander used an attack style known as a phalanx. This is where soldiers would line shoulder to shoulder with their spears on the shoulder of the man in front of him. They were fast to attack and on the defensive side, they stood compacted together in a small square and would not let anyone by them. The cavalry was not as important in fighting as the infantry was. The men in the cavalry rode on horseback with swords. The attack and defense methods that Alexander used helped him in winning battles against enemies. …show more content…

Alexander caught an illness in Babylon. He was also suffering from dehydration, exhaustion, and battle wounds. On the morning of June 13, 323 B.C. at age 32 Alexander the Greats body was placed in a golden coffin, which was later on dug up and placed in a glass coffin located in Alexandria. Alexander’s half-brother became king of Macedonia when alexander died. Alexander IV shared the power with his step brother once he was born. Alexander’s step brother was killed in 317 B.C. and Alex’s son took over. He was murdered less than seven years after being in power. (Alexander the Great Alexander of Macedon

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