How Did Alexander The Great Rule The Barbarians

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Henry: Alexander The Great, one of the most successful commander and a leader who conquered the world. His territorial ambition to conquer the world was overwhelming. He was a military genius and this is reflected in his success. He conquered all the lands from Asia Minor to the Indus River. Arrian has stated the passion and devotion of Alexander in book7, " Alexander's passion was for glory and in that he was insatiable."1 Alexander was interested in integrating the Macedonians with the Persians. He set forward policies that would attempt to fuse together the Macedonians and the Persians. He wanted his empire to be homonoia which means the unity of mankind. He started introducing the Persian customs and cultures to Greeks and Macedonians. However this idea of his fusion policy was…show more content…
Aristotle told Alexander that he should rule barbarians as slaves and treat them like animals. And even if his Persian officials could be seen as exceptions because they were members of sophisticated educations.2 Alexander believed that the barbarians might be different from the Macedonians in terms of culture, religion and language and that their lack of cilivlization but he saw them as same people and thought that they deserved a chance. He saw them as humans and not as inferior species. Historians depict Alexander as a man of extreme moral integrity and respect even in face of the troubles he experienced. Alexander was held up as a symbol for equality, freedom and peace just like the Black Civil Rights Movement leader Martin Luther King who also believed that everyone should be treated with respect and honour. I believe that he was a noble and a self-sacrificing man in contrast to what history truly presents him as. It is clear that Alexander was willing to impose carefully considered cultural changes on his own
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