How Did Alexander The Great Spread Greek Culture

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While Alexander the Great was spreading Greek culture and capturing lands, Apostle Paul was spreading Christianity. While both had separate missions for different reasons, they both would indeed create their own legacy over time. Alexander the Great focused on the implementation of the Greek culture and language. Alexander the Great was the conqueror of the Mediterranean world. In comparison, the Greek civilization opened their arms to a universalism mentality like those of Christianity. Paul and Alexander were both travellers of their time. However, while Paul was developing Christianity and Alexander was conquering lands they both pursued Hellenization policies. As Alexander’s men thought him to be indifferent, he shared his battle wounds…show more content…
The uniting between Rome and the Italian Peninsula transformed Rome from a city-state into a great power. While developing the loyalty to the state, the citizenship emerged with hostility with the rivalry in the western Mediterranean Carthage. The most difficult to maintain during the expansion was the imperial expansion of society and politics. With the expansion came the widened gap between the rich and poor which had weakened the constitutional balance between classes. As relationships deteriorated larger commercial farms had pushed the smaller farmers into Rome which would increase the number of the poor class citizens and slavery also greatly increased. The increasing social tension caused class conflict way greater than the one in Greek society. Over time the Republic declined because of ambitious individuals battling for power. Even when the crisis of the Republic was noticed by the Tiberius Gracchus who would make an attempt to redistribute the land, he was assassinated by conservatives. Then his brother, Gaius tried to introduce land reforms and extend citizenship but the Senate ordered his
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