How Did Alice Paul Changed American Society

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Alice Paul has changed American society by being an American suffragist, feminist, and women's rights activist. Alice Paul dedicated her life to fighting for women's equality. She created the National Woman’s Party in the year 1916. Also cofounded in the Congressional Union. Alice Paul’s actions encouraged the passage the 19th amendment. Alice Paul was raised and also taught, by her parents, that women and men are both equal. She grew up to be a caseworker in London which led her to realizing the struggles of women’s rights. She wanted to do something about how women did not have the ability to vote so she joined England’s suffragists. Which led to Alice to learn how to generate publicity. The knowledge Alice gained from being an activist was through arrests, force feedings, imprisonments, and hunger strikes. Alice’s motivation came from the way that we was raised and taught that women were equal to men and whiling growing up she learned how women are truly treated differently from women. The suffragist’s were jailed due to picketing outside the White House. The…show more content…
She would be arrested for picketing outside the White House and protesting. Many Americans, especially the ones who are against the equality of women to men, would cause whatever ever problems they can with Alice and the other suffragist. The suffragist were very brave to put themselves into those positions, but Alice was especially brave. She was brave by putting herself as the leader of this all women-protesting group. That shows that she must of been very stubborn and faithful in what she believes
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