How Did Amelia Earhart Change The World

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Amelia Earhart was one of the world's best known aviator. She was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean as a passenger. She always had an inspiration for airplanes since a child. She fulfilled her passion for flying by traveling around the world. She faced many challenges while trying to fly around the world. Amelia Earhart changed the world's perspective of women by being the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, all while breaking speed and height records.
Amelia Earhart inspiration in airplanes consisted through a child. She attempted to build a wooden ramp and almost seriously hurt herself trying to fly (“Contemporary Heroes and Heroines,” 1990). Her dad payed for her first airplane ride at an air show and that started
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(“Explorers and Discoverers of the World,” 1993). She also set height records and speed records for the Autorigo (“Explorers and Discoverers of the World,” 1993). When she flew to see her father she broke the transcontinental record from New York to California. She said this inspiration quote "It is true that there are no more geographical frontiers to push back, no new lands flowing with milk and honey this side of the moon to promise surcease from man-made ills. But there are economic, political, scientific, and artistic frontiers of the most exciting sort awaiting faith and the spirit of adventure to discover them.(“Contemporary Heroes and Heroines,” 1990)”.
Amelia Earhart was an amazing aviator and pilot.Amelia Earhart was destined for this fate as soon as she said “I want to do something useful in this world.(“Contemporary Heroes and Heroines,” 1990)”. She made many inspirational speeches about equality. She persisted through her problems while flying around the world, and now she is one of the best known aviators of the century. She showed that by traveling, speaking out for equality, & setting records to break. She has shown the world how truly eminent she
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