How Did America Go Into World War One?

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The Great War was World War 1. This war alone would not only change America but reshape it for the next 20-25 years after. It began for the United States on April 6,
1917. About a year before hand Woodrow Wilson runs for reelection to become president again. He was reelected because he told America that he would keep them out of the war.
Before April 6, 1917 WW1 (World War 1) started in the United States, America was on the side lines, you could say, watching other countries fight for territory. America didn’t get involved yet because they were scared of being drawn into this foreign war,
Woodrow Wilson knew that most of the immigrants came to America to get away from the wars that was going on. So Woodrow waited in till Germany did not hold up sinking …show more content…

they decided to free this information out into the public ear, for all to know. This is also part of the reason why America went into this awful war. Just as
America was going into the war, Russia was dropping out, that was good information for the U.S. because that was their chance to balance out the war for peace to be all around, just like Woodrow said in his speech earlier mentioned. Doing this America placed them in for the worlds control for the rest of that period. When WW1 ended the allies’ leaders wanted a treaty that would prevent another war to come upon them. The treaty they wrote

was ruined. But eventually France and Britain got what they wanted, which was a peace treaty that demanded Germany for peace and them not to rise up another war. The United
States was not even on that peace treaty, but history says that Woodrow got his powerful nation, just not the one he wanted. This peace treaty that demanded Germany to obey, gave loss to some of their land. So secretly Germany said that they would do anything they can to get what they had back and then some. Eventually all leaders signed the

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