How Did American Culture Influence China

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The influence of American culture on China in the contemporary era Culture is defined as a configuration of learned behaviors and results of behavior whose component elements are shared and transmitted by the members of a particular society(Linton 32). American culture, one segment of American civilization, is a typical culture model extensively internationally transmitted in the contemporary era. Thanks to aborigines in American Continent and large numbers of immigrants from worldwide, American culture presents the characteristics of diversity and tolerance which principally affected and structured by various culture branches based on mixed ethnic make-up. The inauguration of Americanization is a gradual process, accompanied and being supported by strong economic and military. The rise of the United States to economic and military preeminence after 1945 made globalization often as Americanization(McNeill and McNeill 268). Despite 5000-year-old history in China is worthy of pride, it is…show more content…
The merits of American sprits, for instance, independence, struggle, fairness and tolerance are not only the spiritual wealth of American but also for all the human beings. American being independent, hard-working and charitable from one generation to another encourage Chinese to pursuit democracy, legislation and civilization. American university idea is typical,and it has important value of reference for the enhancement of university connotation and idea,and a better fulfillment of university mission in China(Li ). Moreover, Chinese Dream emerged with the lead of the most inspiring and glorious culture essence, American Dream. As a matter of fact, China Dream is the localization and characteristic reshape of America Dream to build a moderately prosperous society and realize national rejuvenation. Essentially, the principle of American Dream lights million of people hope, beliefs and

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