American Society After Ww2 Essay

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Societies often change as a result of wars, for example, France after its Revolutionary War. Throughout history, American society has been altered due to the many wars the country has fought. One specific war which has made an impact is World War II. Not only did fighting on foreign fronts impact society, but the experiences of those left behind at the home front has also significantly influenced society. The many trials which women and Japanese-Americans faced have changed the way that American society functions. The United States joined World War II after the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Imperial Japan on December 7, 1941. Upon entering the war, American society has been altered by the experiences of women and Japanese-Americans on the American…show more content…
When the internment order first came out, citizen Fred Korematsu was arrested for not complying with the order for those of Japanese descent to report to camps (E). He then sued based on fact that he as an American citizen had the right to live where he wanted. Unfortunately, he lost his case in a 6-3 Supreme Court decision, stating that during wartime such measures were necessary to ensure national safety (E). Beside Korematsu, many wanted to demonstrate their loyalty as citizens of the United States by joining the military, however, they were barred from service (C). It was not until 1943 that the recruitment of Japanese Americans, specifically the Nisei or the American citizens, began (C). More than 30,000 Japanese Americans served during the war. While some worked as translators in the Pacific, most fought in Europe. In addition, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, composed of all Nisei soldiers, went on to become one of the most decorated units of its size (C). In spite of the fact that the United States government had treated the Japanese Americans so poorly, they remained loyal to the U.S. and fought bravely for their
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