How Did America's Culture Change Between 1860 And 1860?

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The culture during the 1860s in the United States of America has changed many times and is still changing today. Look back to the times during the Civil War. Clothing was being morphed throughout the decade into different styles and fashions depending on the location of where the people lived such as towns or rural areas. Architecture in the 1860s also had varieties of styles such as the Victorian style. Agriculture and transportation were also, a major part in the culture of the 1860s and they were closely connected to each other and the root of the country’s economy. The Native American's teachings long ago may account for the success of the people’s agriculture in the 1860s. Women's clothing had many choices such as the opal skirt, which is identifiable by the way the skirt is thrown out in the back. Other styles include the jockey waist which exaggerated the width…show more content…
Many people in many countries often change their ways of life especially in times of war. The culture during the Civil War proves that change most occurs in difficult times. Clothing, architecture, agriculture, and transportation were only a few parts that are included in culture. The fashion of men and women’s clothing and the architecture of buildings are great examples of America's culture in the 1860s because they show that our bodies and shelters constitute our environment. Transportation is included in culture because it reveals that the people are efficient in getting from one place to another in a shorter amount of time and that our economy is available everywhere. Agriculture is important because it is the basis of food products and material used to create manufactured goods. The variety of styles through architecture and clothing and different ways of transportation show that the culture in the 1860s was very
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