How Did Ancient Athens Influence Today's Society

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Today, we take living for granted. It is a given that we live past age of ten and an extremely common thing, living past the age of 50. However, back in the times of ancient Greece and Rome, life was not guaranteed. The chances of extended life were able to go up during the time, and after the studies done by respected philosophers like Hippocrates regarding health and medicine. Some of his work is still seen today including the Hippocratic Oath. The innovation of medicine took place in ancient Greece and Rome from 500-300 BC. The innovations took place largely due to the fact that Athens was in the middle of a golden age which improved education resulting in many studying medicine. During the golden age Athens, like many other city-states, functioned as independent countries but were close because of the similarities in language, culture and religion. Athens really became the first successful democratic society because of their cutting-edge practices like trade. However, success was limited because of the issue of death at a young age from disease and other health complications. Greece’s discoveries and advancements surrounding medicine helped cure…show more content…
The Greeks advanced in philosophy, science, education and more. Because of these innovations, ancient Athens in became one of the most followed societies. It was extremely developed and influenced cultures to come. Instead of the people plainly farming or fighting in battle, the people of Athens had larger purpose and goals. Back then, health was a huge issue and a common reason for hardship and death. The innovation of medicine helped Greek societies become healthier and increased the lifespan of the average person. Their advancements surrounding medicine and other studies impacted their lives and the well being of the society
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