How Did Ancient Romans Represent Greek Culture

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Early Romans wore very simple styles of jewelry that represented Greek culture, but as their empire grew and more countries were conquered, the wealth of the Romans grew. This meant that their jewelry became more intricate and colourful and that every conquered civilisation’s way of life influenced the type of jewelry they made. The Romans managed to collect different ideas from their many conquered nations. They adapted them for their use and the use of future generations after them. They were able to have access to a huge range of raw materials from across the European continent, Egypt and Persia. These were diamonds, pearls, emeralds, gold, amber and onyx. As the Roman empire was now vast and filled with lots of precious materials, it was possible to produce many beautiful pieces of jewelry. With many conquering neighbours like Egypt, Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean, the Romans were able to incorporate their own…show more content…
The most popular piece of jewelry was the brooch. The Romans used the brooch to secure clothing together over the shoulders. Rings were also very popular and were only worn by men. Most Roman men would either wear one on the hand or one on every finger, otherwise they were to wear none at all. These rings brought introduction to the signet ring. They were rings that were specially marked with engraving or covered with gems.The rings sometimes showed the wearers rank or a family crest.The tradition of marking the ring was then also adapted into other pieces of jewelry like bracelets, earrings and pendants. Like the signet ring, many pieces of jewelry had designs on them showing many animals, with snakes being the most popular. In today’s society, we see many examples of Roman influenced jewelry. Mens rings with initials set in diamonds, rings with football crests or mascots surrounded by coloured gems and a vast amount of necklaces and earrings set in

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