How Did Andrew Carnegie Influence The Growth Of Urban America?

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Everyone has a dream. Whether that dream is to be famous, a hero, or to simply lead a normal life, people are driven to achieve it. A young Andrew Carnegie had a dream about being a contributor to the growth and improvement of society. He was born in Scotland, but his family emigrated to America to avoid a Scottish depression. Carnegie went into work as a telegrapher in his teenage years. His boss became his mentor and financial advisor, and he suggested that Carnegie invest into railroads. Once he gathered enough money to start off, he decided to quit working for the telegraph company and head into the steel industry. Andrew Carnegie influenced the growth of urban America by molding the steel industry and reforming the role of the American upper class. To start off, Carnegie had an idea to inexpensively produce steel. In order to format the steel industry, Carnegie needed to first construct his own empire. “Realizing that iron and steel would play an increasingly important part in the American economy, Carnegie resigned from the railroad in 1865 to concentrate on manufacturing…show more content…
He became the American dream of the late 1800’s. “[Carnegie] gives away millions to make the nation that had greeted him and which he had made his fortune a better place” (Nasaw). Andrew Carnegie went into this country with nothing save his family. With dedication, he showed everyone that it is possible to go from rags to riches, it’s just a matter of how immensely they hunger for their dreams to come true. Consequently, he was a beacon to young adults that wanted to lead a life of their dreams. “Carnegie is the first American hero. He is our self made hero. He starts with nothing and builds an empire” (Nasaw). Carnegie built his fortune by being committed and by looking ten moves ahead. Most importantly, he did this alone. No one held his hand to the finish line. He kept moving forward and he dragged America with
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