What Was Andrew Jackson's Involvement In Politics

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In the 19th century, American politics started change drastically from the old system which seemed to be fading away. The idea of democracy was born in America through the influence of politicians. The American people started to realize their place in the growth of the country. They realized that their involvement in politics could benefit them. Andrew Jackson for a time was the face of democracy to the American people. To him, democracy is the people’s involvement in politics through themselves or representatives. Jackson came from an extremely poor background and was known for his tenacious character which helped him in his journey of becoming the president of the country. Jackson served two terms in office and even after his death was still…show more content…
Jackson was previously known as a national hero, someone who did what they could to ensure the security of the nation’s people. He was also an experienced politician especially in the West. By running for president in 1824 for the first time, the voting process changed as more and more people started to get involved. According to “Methods of Electing Presidential Electors: 1816 to 1836”, 4 years before Jackson’s first run for office Massachusetts, Illinois, and Maine were the only states that used the people to vote for the president. When Jackson entered campaigning, he relied on the opinion of the people which in turn people voted to make their voice known. 4 years later, only 6 states voted through legislature and the other states were used the people to elect instead. Jackson won in 1828 and again in 1832 due to his non-stop work ethic especially in campaigning. He was not done with his mission, he wanted to bring absolute control to the people. In fact in, Andrew Jackson and The Course of American Empire, it explains,” He (Jackson) proceeded from the idea that all offices - whether appointed or elected - must ultimately fall under the absolute control of the people”. Jackson was so passionate about democracy he tried to have the people control the offices in government. Ultimately, the hard work of Jackson led to the change in American politics based on his belief of
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