How Did Andrew Jackson Change Throughout The 1800's

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Throughout the early 1800’s, the United States was going through some changes. For one, people were becoming more involved with electoral elections. By the year 1828, only two states out of the twelve were the legislatures voting for the president. This meant that people were voting for electors and that there was an increase in democracy. (DOC 1) With Andrew Jackson’s win over John Quincy Adams, he became the sixth president of the United States in 1829. When Jackson became president, there was a smooth and calm presidential transition. This was a reminisce of when Jefferson became president. With Jackson as president, there was a shift not only geography, but also from the elite as rulers to the common people becoming the new “rulers.” (DOC…show more content…
He had a habit on vetoing many things that he did not approve or that were not correct. Jackson did not respect things like the Constitution of the United States neither the U.S Bank. (DOC 3) An example is his veto of the Bank of the United States. In his message to the Congress (DOC 4), Jackson explained why he had vetoed the charter of the bank. He said that one fourth was used by the foreigners. The reason why he destroyed the bank was because it was neither good nor beneficial to the common people, and he was also trying to “protect” them. Daniel Webster, in reply, said that the whole point for the veto was because Jackson was trying to rally the poor against the rich. (DOC 5) Andrew Jackson abused the spoils system. The spoil system led to injustices in the political power. Jackson wrote a letter to Congress stating that the spoil system was good for the people. He believed that people who supported him should be rewarded with high position jobs. (DOC 6) When it came to making decisions or seeking for advice, he only went to people who were loyal to him. Jackson did not think that anyone would betray him or be disloyal. Samuel Swartwout stole millions of dollars from the government. When Swartwout was caught, he left to France. (DOC
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