How Did Andrew Jackson Promote Democracy

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Jacksonian Democracy Andrew Jackson was the cause for thousands of American Indian’s deaths. A good democracy has equal rights, an educated leader and voters, peace/stability, and a strong leader. It also has voting rights, the power in the hands of the people and checks and balances. Someone who promotes democracy will take both sides into consideration before making a decision. Someone who thinks about what his/her actions would do to the group as a whole and not just a fraction of the group. Jackson did what he believed was right. He never really listened to what other people had to say about the subject, he just did what he thought best. Jackson was a very well liked person among the common people and people from different age, class and color went to see his inauguration. But the upper class didn’t like his ways. They considered him the devil. Jackson wanted to keep the union together and didn’t approve of the nullification. Andrew Jackson did not promote democracy well. This is true because he was not maintaining peace/stability and he was too strong of a leader. Andrew Jackson didn’t promote democracy well because he wasn’t maintaining peace and stability. In “The Trail of Tears” Jackson wasn’t maintaining stability by kicking the American Indians out…show more content…
Jackson was too strong of a leader when he decided he wanted to switch out the people in the public offices. He then used his power to toy with the ones who wanted to be appointed. Andrew was using his power as a leader to corrupt the ones who wanted to be appointed (Jackson’s Approach to Governing). In “The Trail of Tears” he was being a strong leader by kicking out the American Indians. He gave himself to much power to allow them to be forced out of their homes. Because Jackson kicked them out, he had many deaths on his hands from those who didn’t make it through the trail of
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