How Did Andrew Jackson Promote Democracy Well

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Did you ever know that Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the United States, was the first commoner ever to be elected president? Before he was elected in 1828, his supporters helped him win the nation’s voters. They helped him create more of a democratic type of government. A good democracy consists of a strong leader who is organized and fair. A strong leader makes decisions with the help of the other branches and the votes of the people. Also, a strong leader should promote peace and stability in the government. Many common people supported, elected, and named Jackson a man of the people. Andrew Jackson was known to have a temper and he always wanted to fight for what he thought was right. He sometimes rarely listened to other ideas and opinions about certain conflicts in the government and country. Andrew Jackson did not promote democracy well. This is true because Andrew Jackson took away some equal rights and he didn’t follow the checks and balances when it came to making important decisions.…show more content…
According to “The Trail of Tears,” Andrew Jackson enforced the Indian Removal Act which ordered the U.S army to force American Indians out of their land. The Indians had no say in this even if they started adapting to American life. They were forced to walk many miles until they reached Oklahoma. Many of them suffered from certain illnesses or they died along the way. Many civilians living in the United States were ashamed of what was happening, but Andrew wanted to fight for what he thought was right. According to “Jackson Battles the Bank,” Andrew Jackson also took away some rights when he fought the national bank by himself. Jackson believed the national bank was used to benefit the rich. The government and civilians should have voted on that decision. Instead, Jackson did everything by
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