How Did Andrew Jackson Protect Southern Interests

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Andrew ¨Old Hickory¨ Jackson was the President Of The United States that immediately followed John Quincy Adams. Jackson´s two term lasted from 1829 to 1837. He was an interesting child in his youth at the age of 13 he joined the Continental army. During the American Revolution he was captured, and after refusing to follow an order given by his captors was slashed with an officer's sword and would have succumbed to the wound if not for a prisoner exchange shortly after allowing him to receive medical treatment. He continued a military career for the majority of his life he also had a political career but this isn't what made him arguably the most popular president in American history ,It was his military career and what he attempted to stand for even though he wasn't perfect that did that, he started as a poor man and as a military commander, he never forced his men to endure more than he would put himself through he even went so far as to eat cattle waste and acorns with his men, and during the Battle of New Orleans he led from …show more content…

He did protect Southern interest in a number of ways and he protected northern interest as he deemed feasible. maintain that he was democratic, meaning that he believed that the majority of the power goes to the people, although some of his policy indicated otherwise. The Indian removal policies he put in place were something that was both highly undemocratic and democratic at the same time. However policies such as his veto of the Second National Bank and his implementing the rotation of public officials show that he was attempting to lookout for American interest across the entire country. This shows that imperfect though he may have been Jackson was democratic, in the sense that he followed the will of the people as closely as

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